Broken Promises and Lies of the Republicans

BROKEN PROMISES AND LIES of the REPUBLICANS – Reagan *Bush 43* Trump is intended to convince the American VOTER, that conservative ideas are wrong for our country. We are faced with serious issues that must be solved! Our huge deficit, tax reform, immigration, background checks for gun purchase, a funding shortfall of Social Security and Medicare, the rebuilding of our infrastructure and military, educating our children and creating living-wage jobs. The book cites facts to document the conservative approach has failed to resolve any of them. This Book also looks at Donald J. Trump and his impact on our country and the danger his actions pose to the Republic our Founding Fathers created. The sources that have been used are primarily U.S. Government Agencies like the Department of the Treasury, the CBO, OMB, and the Department of Labor. George Will, a prominent life-long Conservative Columnist has said, he will vote against Republicans in 2018.

“Broken Promises and Lies of the Republicans are full of thought-provoking and piquing ideas. The passion with which Abel writes may earn interest from even those whose notions he critiques.”
– Clarion Review

“A sincere attempt to deconstruct conservatism. Using figures from government agencies, he forcefully debunks the Reagan-esque theory that cutting taxes for the rich stimulates economic growth and creates new wealth that, to the supposed benefit of all, trickles down.”
– Kirkus Reviews

Listen to the audio description of the book spoken by Gene Paul Abel.

Listen to Gene P. Abel’s interview on Author Talk on July 7th, 2014


Peace. Ret. Colonel Gene Abel’s passion and love for justice and equality in our nation is grounded in his ideals of democracy and fairness. As his pastor, when Congress cut billions of dollars from SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program) I heard his concerns for the poor and the economically disadvantage during the prayers of our Sunday service. But Gene is not just a man of words. He has been actively helping people in our community through our congregation’s food distribution program that helps more 800 people a month. When he lifted up the cutting of funds from SNAP, he knew how that Congressional action was going to affect the lives of millions of Americans who depend on it. Food pantries throughout the United States, like the one my congregation operates; depend heavily on local State Food Pantries that receive federal funds for their operation. Gene has seen the people who depend from programs like SNAP as a volunteer and donor of our Food Pantry. Sadly, the conservative wing of our political system has not come with a responsible and sensible response to the challenges of countless Americans. Moreover, as Gene points out on this book, the conservative agenda will not only affect the poor but the Middle Class as well. Gene’s critical point on this truth-telling book is that we cannot afford a conservative agenda and many will suffer its consequences; from the economically disadvantage through the working class all the way up to the Middle Class. This agenda is flawed and only privileges the wealthiest Americans.

Gene cuts through the false promises and lies of a flawed agenda and provides us with the information and historical perspective needed to stand against it. As a religious leader, I cannot stand silent as I see the future and promise of our children being jeopardized by an agenda that will not provide for most of us, especially the weakest in our society, a chance for a fair chance at a productive and successful life. That’s why I agree wholeheartedly with Gene. The conservative agenda and its alignment with groups who are anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-poor, anti-worker, and pro-rich are at their core anti-human. Thus, as a servant of God, I cannot align myself or give my support to an agenda that will leave division, hatred, and inequality on its wake. Gene has shed much needed light over the true impact of the conservative agenda in our nation and the world. We need to stand up and rise up together, not with hateful hearts, but with hearts full of promise and hope, so that we can lift truth, justice, equality, and peace as the new agenda for our nation. These principles will not fail us, for they promise an abundant life for all. Unlike the Broken Promises of a failed political vision from the extreme right, we need to go back to the principles and ideals of democracy, equality, and compassion. Read this book and lift up your voice.