Default on the National Debt – Donald Trump

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This weekend Donald Trump said we should borrow even more to rebuild the infrastructure and then, “Ask Creditors to take less than they were owed”. In other words, Trump is suggesting the United States DEFAULT on the National Debt!

It is hard to believe anyone would whisper such a thing much less actually talk about that as a possibility. The impact of such an action on the part of the United States would bring immediate financial repercussions in our country and all over the world where the Dollar is the standard for almost all commerce and financial transactions. It would drive interest rates to the sky and cause world-wide panic. It would make it impossible to borrow money and would cause bank failures that would make 1933 look like a Tea Party!

No one with such ideas should EVER be near the Oval Office. It is hard to believe this man has duped so many Republican voters to become the GOP Presidential Candidate!

Gene P. Abel

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