CNN Special on ISIS

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The CNN Special on ISIS was both informative and scary. It clearly documented that the invasion of Iraq ordered by George W. Bush is a major reason why ISIS and similar radical terrorist groups have formed. ISIS used the unrest that our invasion of Iraq created to establish a base of operations that has spread to Syria and other countries in the Middle East and in the West. Much of the ISIS leadership comes from the high ranking officers of the Saddam’s Military that Bush disbanded. ISIS claims the Infidels have invaded the Moslem World and must be punished and converted to their belief system. Their objective is to establish what they term, “God’s Kingdom on Earth”. They go back to West’s invasion of the Islamic World during the 200 years of the Crusades. In effect, in their eyes, what is taking place today is a second Crusade which they are taking to the heart of what they term as the “Infidels”.

The radical Islamic Terrorist organizations have combined their ancient beliefs and hate with 21st Century social media and technology. Their use of violent videos of the West attacks and their victories have been very effective in recruiting young people to believe in their demented ideology. The pitch is that a real Moslem should become part of their effort to establish a caliphate and convert the world to their belief.

The Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, was the first to form an organization to fight this recruiting effort of ISIS. Within the Department of State, she created the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications (CSCC). The initial effort had less than 100 staff and is being expanded substantially to deal with the Radical Islamic recruiting effort worldwide.

To destroy the Genie that George W. Bush left out of the bottle by invading Iraq will be a long and very expensive fight in terms of lives and treasure. History will conclude that the Bush decision to invade Iraq was one of the worst foreign policy choices EVER!


Gene P. Abel

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