Abortion and the GOP


Chris Mathews was able to get Donald Trump to unmask the dirty truth about the GOP position on abortion. He got Trump to admit that if the Republicans get their way and outlaw abortion then women that have an abortion have violated the law. Trump then stated that if the law is violated there must be a penalty for anyone that breaks the law. That is the way our system of justice is designed. Mathews was not able to get Trump to say what type of punishment should be imposed on the women but Trump did say the male should not be punished.

The problem is that no one, except Donald Trump, wants to say a pregnant woman that chooses to have an abortion should be punished for having the abortion nor that the man who impregnated her is also culpable. Then we have the medical professionals that would perform this illegal act if the Republicans got their way and changed the Constitution to take away the right for a woman to choose.

Only Trump verbalized the reality that if abortion is made illegal there must be punishment for having one. Other Republicans were quick to condemn the idea that a woman should be punished. However, they cannot have it both ways. If they succeed in making abortions illegal, then women and the medical professionals that perform the abortion have violated the law which requires punishment. The other issue is the part the male played is getting the woman pregnant. I guess one could argue that although the male impregnated the woman he does not make the choice to have the actual abortion.

The Right to Life position of the Republicans not only seeks to impose their morality on everyone and take away the free will of all women but if it becomes illegal, as Republicans want, there must be punishment for violating the law.


Gene P. Abel

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