Broken Promises & Lies of the Republicans

Every American should read this book to become aware of the truth before they decide who to support in 2020 for President and members of Congress.

A Colonel for Truth

The issues faced by our country are becoming so serious that continuing to do nothing insures one or more of them will cause significant harm and if several of these issues went south at the same time, we could be faced with a catastrophic impact on everyone. We cannot either continue to repeat the same policies that have either created the problems or are preventing solutions to those not caused by our past approach. In order to ensure the change we need, voters must be both INFORMED and motivated to VOTE. Anything less is sure to produce outcomes that no one wants.


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Protect the Future
“With a trip to the past” – by Gene P. Abel

Time travel is the cutting edge of modern research. Like gravity waves, temporal waves can now be detected and traced back to the time and place of their origin, even making it possible for one to travel back in time. Or at least one’s consciousness, projected through a wormhole to appear in a three-dimensional projection of one’s original body, thanks to the apparatus of the Temporal Projection Chamber. Only three countries have the apparatus to make this event possible: the United States, Germany, and Japan.

But now two scientists at a symposium on time travel have been killed, followed nearly immediately by the detection of a Time Displacement Wave, or TDW—the signature of someone traveling back in time to change the past. Who they are and what they want to change is unknown, only that there are only two days to rectify the situation before history settles into a new pattern.

Special Agent Lou Hessman and his team are now tasked with going back to New York City of the year 1919 to find and stop the other team behind this TDW. Not an easy task under any circumstance, but the question remains… are these changes something they want to fix?

Look for this exciting new novel in book stores, retail outlets and online.

A sincere attempt to deconstruct conservatism. Using figures from government agencies, he forcefully debunks the Reagan-esque theory that cutting taxes for the rich stimulates economic growth and creates new wealth that, to the supposed benefit of all, trickles down.

– Kirkus Reviews

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